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Build your own Popcade!  This kit ships flat in a single box, and contains everything you need to assemble it yourself.  You supply your own tools.  Kit includes:

  • Prepainted wood cabinet pieces
  • Full art package
  • Raspberry Pi computer and safe shutdown controller
  • Audio amp + 2 speakers
  • Power supply
  • Control panel kit
  • LCD panel and controller kit
  • Wiring harnesses and cables
  • Arcade controls (joystick, buttons, encoder)
  • Marquee backlight
  • Plexi for screen, marquee, and control panel
  • T-molding
  • 64GB or 128GB (+$10) micros SD card
  • USB stick (for transferring ROMs
  • Classic Game Pad
  • 6ft power cord
  • All screws
  • And more! Over 120 parts.

Flat Pack Kit

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